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SUNDAY JUNE 25, 2017


Richard welcomes two regular panelists to the program to debate Can conservatives and the left reconcile their differences?  Or is this leading to an eventual civil war?

GUEST:  JOSEPH FARAH fought the establishment media from the inside-out – first by excelling from within by climbing the ranks of his profession to run major market metro dailies and secondly by launching the first independent online news agency, WorldNetDaily, some 20 years ago. Today is a top 200 website in the U.S., a top 20 news website globally and the No. 1 Christian website of any kind in the world. Fifteen years ago, he founded WND Books, which boasts the highest percentage of New York Times bestsellers of any publishing company.

 MEGAN BARTH : is the founder and proprietor of and a nationally recognized political commentator.  She has appeared on Headline News CNN, NewsMax TV, One America News Network, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Blaze Radio, and has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.



Richard welcomes a renowned surgeon, researcher, and award-winning medical writer who draws from his real life battle with Big Pharma over the sale of dangerous prescription medicines. How far will America’s drug companies go to make profits?

GUEST: ROBERT MARX, DDS, professor of surgery and chief of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, is well known as an educator, researcher, and innovative surgeon.

He has pioneered new concepts and treatments for pathologies of the oral and maxillofacial area as well as new techniques in reconstructive surgery.

As a researcher, he has made valuable contributions in the use of hyperbaric oxygen following radiation therapy, in the development of platelet rich plasma, and in elucidating the relationships between smoking and carcinogenesis.

An Amazon bestselling novel: Deadly Prescription :


Richard welcomes one of the world's foremost authorities on UFOs just in time for Roswell's 70th Anniversary. New MJ12 documents have been obtained by the public does it Definitely prove a UFO crash happened 70 years ago? 

GUEST: NICK REDFERN main area of research centers around determining what has been learned about the UFO subject at an official level in Britain. Nick is the author of several best-selling books on UFOs including: The FBI Files: The FBI's UFO Top Secrets Exposed; and Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story Of The UFOs That Fell To Earth.

His Newest Book Is: The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing A Shocking And Sinister Secret :


New Weekly feature! Ask RIchard Anything! Here is your chance for an audience driven show and participation in the program to have your voice heard on a syndicated media platform.

GUEST: YOU ARE! Call in numbers are Greater Toronto Area: 416-360-0740 or Toll Free from anywhere in the world: 1-866-740-4740  


Richard welcomes back the crop circle girl. They will discuss newly found formations appearing all over the world and what can they possibly mean? Is a non-human intelligence trying to send us a message?

GUEST: PATTY GREER is one of the hardest working UFO filmmakers in the world. She completed 8 full feature UFO movies in the last 10 years that received 8 prestigious awards. Her movies offer unrelenting explosive footage and evidence about the Crop Circle phenomenon. Greer’s conclusion is that Crop Circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth!




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