American Political Witchcraft

has researched the material for his books over the course of 25 years, visiting more than 40 countries and gaining access to temples, prisons, military installations, and government documents. 

He is the author of Sinister Forces — The Nine and Unholy Alliance. He lives in Miami, Florida. He has published 12 books so far since 1994 when the rack-size Unholy Alliance first came out in an Avon paperback.   It went out of print at the time HarperCollins took over, and then was reissued in 2002 by Continuum with the terrific foreword by Norman Mailer, and has been translated into half a dozen languages so far.

A world renowned occult researcher who is the author of a Grimoire on American Political Witchcraft. He has connected the dots of how symbolisim, numerology and astro-theology affect our daily lives. We are under the influence of powerful unseen malevolent forces intent on controlling us. Further, the burgeoning Disclosure movement is raising public awareness through campaigns like the popular Sekret Machines - Chasing Shadows, Docu-series, He is the author of the Sekret Machines Non-Fiction books to be released soon.