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Richard speaks with the discoverer of reverse speech who'll play clips of U.S. politicians speaking forwards and backwards. Reverse speech, he believes, is the ultimate lie detector and reveals the thoughts of the unconscious mind.

GUEST: David John Oates is the founder and developer of Reverse Speech technologies. He was the first person to ever document speech reversals in human speech in 1983 and has worked extensively since then on research and development, as well as maintaining a therapeutic and consulting practice. He has had an active career spanning 24 years, furthering the field of Reverse Speech as his full time occupation. He has developed new theories, and designed therapeutic and training techniques. He's the co-host of a new podcast, Reverse Speech Radio.


Beyond Backward Masking
Reverse Speech: Voices from the Unconscious
Reverse Speech: A New Theory About Language
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Richard welcomes a psychic and medium who shares her adventures as a former flight attendant and world traveler who slowly became aware of her psychic abilities.

GUEST:  Natasha Rosewood was born into a large chaotic family in Oxfordshire, England. She's always been fascinated with people, travel, languages, (mostly) humorous storytelling and metaphysics. At age 22, having learned three European languages, Natasha began her career as a flight attendant, and budding palmist. After eight years flying European and international routes plus a short contract in Libya, she acquired three more languages – and some hilarious, hair-raising tales. In 1983 Natasha immigrated to BC, Canada where from palmistry, Natasha has now evolved into a master metaphysician and prolific writer. Her intention is to empower while bringing humour back into fashion. She's a writer, broadcaster,  past-life regression therapist, psychic, spiritual healer, medium and ghost-buster.

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